Exploring the Philippines’ Best-Kept Secrets: How You Can Experience Luxury Travel on a Budget

tourist spotThe Philippines is teeming with pristine beaches, mouth-watering food, happy-go-lucky people, and adventure-filled activities. There’s something special about the country that keeps attracting many travelers.

There’s no escaping the fact that the Philippines is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Want a luxury vacation for less? Let this article help you ensure your hard-earned money does not slip through your fingers like water.

Create a Must-See List

Knowing where to go beforehand can go a long way. You can save money by learning even a little about your destination. So, it’s important to make a list of your top retreat destinations to visit. There are many great places in the Philippines without the price tag of designer shoes. Solaire Hotel Resort and Casino in Manila, for instance, offers a one-of-a kind experience without breaking the bank. It provides fine accommodation at an affordable rate. El Nido, Palawan, on the other hand, also has luxurious resorts to backpacker options.

Travel Off-Season

Travelling outside peak seasons has many benefits. Imagine going to a place that’s not too crowded, and you have plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors. This is the reason you need to be flexible with your travel plans if you want a luxury travel on a budget. It’s best to book a holiday trip to the Philippines in March. April to May is the busiest time for beaches and hiking spots. This gives you the best excuse to retreat indoors and experience luxury in a hotel. You can enjoy an amazing view while relaxing with a cold drink.

Consider Pre-booking

Book your trip in advance to get early bird discounts. Why would you choose a costly one when there are several great deals around? Some airlines provide special offers to those who want to visit the country off-season. There are hotels and casinos that offer everything without going beyond your means —from accommodation and food to round-the-clock entertainment and first-class service.

Being a stranger in a new place can be a scary experience. But, with these simple tricks, you can create priceless memories in luxury and style.

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