Finders Keepers: Finding the Best Bar in Your Area

Best Bar in your AreaWhen it comes to choosing the best bar in Brisbane—or any other Australian city, for that matter—chances are you will find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices. There is no need to fret, though. This just means you can plan more nights out with your crazy friend.

The following tips should make it easier to choose the best bar for that next night out with the friends you love most:

What’s on the Bar List?

The basic reason why you go to a bar is to have a drink (or two, or three—so long as you don’t get too crazy). Find out what drinks are being served at a particular bar. If you are a fan of beer, check if the bar offers them by the pint, or as bottled drinks. Craft beers are also one of the biggest trends these days, so find out if there are any special ales and brews worth giving a shot. It will definitely make for a more interesting drink than your old reliable choices. Cocktails and shots are fun, too, but only in moderation.

What’s on the Menu?

The folks at Gerard’s Bar and other places say nights out are never complete without any munchies. Find out what kind of snacks and other finger foods are served that will go well with the cold one you will be drinking. Many bars restrict themselves to serving crisps, wedges, roasted nut, and other basic bar food. Check out if there are other choices such as wings and nachos or calamari and other more adventurous choices.

What’s the Vibe Like?

After drink and food comes ambience. Most pubs have a warm and homey design, while other bars are modern and fun. Some bars also host special themed events and game nights that make an evening out all the more fun. Bars also have a steady following in most cases, so be prepared to encounter all kinds of personalities.

Finally, get to know the bar’s hours of operation and if there are any specials during specific timeframes. Plan a fun night out with the boys, or the girls, or both and enjoy the night at a great place with great people.

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