For the Out-of-the-Box Bride: 3 Unique Bridal Party Ideas

Bridal ShowerPerhaps your best friend isn’t the traditional bride who likes the customary giving of lingerie and tearing of paper gift wraps in showers. Most women nowadays have become their own version of non-traditional: from Illinois brides ditching the conservative gowns for low-cut (super low-cut!) dresses to women themselves proposing to their man. Unconventional is indeed the new normal.

So, if you’re thinking of throwing your out-of-the-box bride an out-of-the-box shower, take inspiration from these ideas:

Battle It Out in Laser Tag

Perfect for: brides who love an action-packed amusement.

Give her that outlet she needs for those wedding jitters by taking her and the gang to laser tag. She’ll be able to take her mind off from the crazy planning, and at the same time, have a fun workout with you.

This is an ideal shower party if you’re having a big group and most of the women don’t know each other. With the activity essentially requiring you to be in teams, the women will be able to build rapport instantly. You may want to check out a party space like Edison’s Entertainment Complex, which houses not just a laser tag arena but also bowling alleys and arcade games.
Spend a Day at the Spa

Perfect for: the bridechilla (brides who love to chill and relax).
If you don’t want sweaty, action-packed fun, then go for some rest day at the spa. This will also give the bride that much-needed pampering before the big day.

While it’s easier just to gather the girls and take them to a spa establishment, you may also choose to have it at your home so that it’s cozier and more relaxed. Just take note of the essentials: a massage station, area for the facials, and place for the mani-pedi.

Learn a New Thing

Perfect for: all brides! (to prepare for homemaking).

You may also organize a class as a bridal shower party. The kind of class would depend on the bride’s interests. You may throw a cooking class or a gardening workshop. Find the best speaker for your class by making a local Google search or asking around in your social circles.

Bridal showers don’t need to be the traditional sit-down opening of lingerie gifts. Try these unconventional ideas for your next girlfriend to be hitched!