Foreign Tourists Flock to New Zealand Provinces

Tourists in Martinborough More foreign tourists prefer to spend time in New Zealand provinces to experience the country in a non-urban setting.

In provinces like Martinborough, businesses have benefitted from the influx of offshore visitors. The South Wairarapa town’s famed vineyards have become a more popular travel spot for them. This trend has led to a shift in tourists visiting traditional destinations such as Rotorua and Queenstown, where people used to come in large numbers.

Tourism Boom

Malcolm Pentecost, who operates the Old Manse bed and breakfast in Martinborough, said that their business turnover increased in the last two years. He attributed the growth to the guests’ desire of being the farm-like environment, something that they can only experience in the country’s rural areas.

If you plan to spend your next holiday or vacation in the country, take the time to prepare before heading to New Zealand. Hotel bookings and travel guides should be on your list if you’re going there for the first time. No.1 Currency added that currency exchange rates are important, as well. The cost of living in some cities can be quite expensive and nobody can predict exactly how much travellers are going to spend.

Kiwi Concerns

In 2015, the number of foreign tourists increased 12% to around 3.5 million people. It’s good news for the country’s tourism industry, yet some see that the growth has certain negative implications. A Tourism New Zealand survey showed that one in five Kiwis believes that there are too many tourists in the country.

Some of their concerns over the ballooning visitor population involved lack of infrastructure, road congestion and environmental waste. In response, Tourism Minister Paula Bennett said that the Department of Conservation is currently working on certain options to address the concerns.

New Zealand’s climate and friendly locals are just some of the reasons why the country continues to lure tourists. Even if some people worry that foreigners are arriving at an alarming rate, most Kiwis will be more than willing to make you feel welcome.