Get Fit and Have Fun with These 5 Fitness Activities for Women

Activities for WomenBeing healthy and fit have two different meanings.  You can be fit but not healthy, and for you to be healthy, you also have to be fit.

Women nowadays are very conscious with their body.  They try to find activities that will help them be fit and healthy, to stay in shape. Aside from the regular fitness routines you’ve been doing, you can try other fitness activities to shake things up and level up a notch from your same-old daily exercise.

The following activities not only makes you fit, but give you fun as well.

  1. Dance the Zumba.

Zumba is a dance fitness program that originated in Colombia, created by a Colombian dancer and choreographer back in the 1990s. This dance fitness program has different dance combinations and aerobic movements. The routine includes salsa, hip-hop, samba, mambo and other dance styles which can be incorporated in the fast and slow rhythms of the modern dance fitness program.

If you’re into dance and simple exercise is too boring for you, this is one get-fit activity you and your dance buddies can join and have fun.  Now, make sure you bring the right dancing shoes!

  1. Work Out with Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest get-fit routine you can try.  Some will say that this is only for mental and spiritual discipline but truthfully, you cannot discipline your mind without the help of the physical aspect of the body. You can practice yoga using a yoga mat, yoga blanket and an exercise ball.

If you’re into anti-gravity yoga routine, make sure you bring aerial yoga equipment, a hammock specially made for this kind of activity, AntiGravity Fitness intimates. You and your health buff girlfriends who always experience stress in their daily grind are the target demographic of this relaxing fitness routine.

  1. Get Active with Triathlon

There’s nothing more active than joining a triathlon! Triathlon is an endurance routine that involves three popular sports:  swimming, cycling and running. These three sports included in this routine can really get you in shape with proper training. If your girlfriends are nature lovers at the same time, you all can enjoy outdoors while stretching those muscles.

  1. Dynamic Moves with Plyometrics

Do you miss playing when you were kid?  Do you miss doing all those dynamic moves, jumping, hopping, skipping, when playing? Plyometrics will make you do that again, just like the old times.  This fitness routine is also called jump training, which targets the leg area. To tone your legs, try this work-out and have your BFFs try this too.

  1. Climb a Mountain Indoors.

Who said you can only have fun outdoors?  Indoor rock climbing is another great workout for your body.  You move not only your arms but almost all body parts because you shift your weight every now and then when climbing their walls. Another fun fitness activity you and your best friends can enjoy staying indoors.

Working hard to get fit is well and good, but being fit is not enough, you should also be healthy. You can be healthy with the right food intake and maximize the volume of the water you drink, then do this fun ‘stay-in-shape’ activities along the way.