Get Some Shut Eye with Black Out Blinds

Black Out Blinds in AustraliaA hectic lifestyle leaves lots of people exhausted. Busy schedules and daily responsibilities can take their toll and may interrupt restful sleep. Blackout blinds are a drug-free way to get the sleep you need.

One in three people in Australia put up with mild insomnia. They then have to go to work unrefreshed and it may affect their workplace performance. Taking sleeping pills isn’t the answer because if they are taken regularly, you can become immune to them. They are also addictive so even if you’re ready to stop using them, you may not be able to. It’s better, then, to find an alternative way to get your shut-eye.

Try Black Out Blinds for Great Sleep

High-quality blackout roller blinds are a medication free way to regulate your sleeping patterns and feel energised again, says

Blackout blinds are thicker than standard blinds or curtains so they’ll block out most, if not all of the light in your bedroom so you aren’t kept awake by street lights or traffic. If you do shift work such as nursing or law enforcement and you work at night, black out blinds can help you sleep during the day without being disturbed by sunlight.

Health Benefits of Total Darkness

Sleeping in total darkness doesn’t just help your sleep routine, it also has some surprising health benefits. Sleeping in total darkness assists your body in producing a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that makes you feel sleepy. The darker it is, the more melatonin is produced. With enough melatonin, you are also less likely to get depression and if you get stress related headaches you’ll get fewer of them.

To find out more about black out blinds, you can look at the online retail store or speak to a customer services advisor who can help you find the right blind for you.