Glass Balustrade and Pool Fence Cleaning: This is How You Do it

frameless glass balustradesGlass is one of the most popular building materials and design solutions today because of its durability and sophisticated elegance. You can see it in many homes nowadays as pool fences, as balustrades for decks and porches, and many other practical home applications.

Other than its clean and sleek charm, glass panels require little maintenance. But, this doesn’t mean that there is virtually no need to clean it. For your semi-framed pool fence or frameless glass balustrade to last longer and keep looking good, you should know how to clean it properly. Here’s how:

Use clean cloth and warm water

While glass surfaces are smooth and most dirt would just slide away, some debris can still stick to it. Grime and body oil, for example, can adhere to it and form unsightly buildups.

The best solution to this is wiping it with sponge or microfibre cloth soaked in warm water. Make sure the cloth and sponge is clean and clear of any solid particle that can scratch the panels. You won’t need to do this every day; once every three months should be enough.

Ditch the glass cleaner

Don’t use glass cleaning solutions that are typically applied in common glasses, such as mirrors and those in windows. Glass panels are made from a different type of glass that are mostly of industrial quality. The traditional glass cleaner may work to at first, but later you will notice some residue on your fence or balustrade. A normal dishwashing liquid could be a better cleaning agent.

Rinse well

After washing it with warm water or dishwashing liquid, use a hose to get rid of the bubbles and other residue on the surface. Make sure you’re using clean water. Doing so will also help you see if there are any grime left or if an area needs more cleaning. A squeegee can also be of great help, but make sure the metal component of the cleaning tool doesn’t touch the glass. Start at the topmost part and then work downwards.

Follow these cleaning procedures and expect a longer lasting and better looking glass fence or balustrade.

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