Going Back to His and Hers: Separating Your Items During Divorce

Divorcing Couple in AlbuquerqueAt some point during the divorce, you’ll feel that you’ve checked off everything on your to-do list:

  • Find a good lawyer
  • Tell the kids and encourage them
  • Find a good support system
  • Keep finances under control

Despite the check marks on your divorce chores, you still feel that unpleasant and chaotic feeling. It’s almost as if you are on the edge of divorce insanity. Why is this?

As much as you want a seamless and smooth divorce, mishaps happen: your soon-to-be-ex-partner doesn’t follow the custody schedule, your divorce lawyer is always late, or the case doesn’t seem to be in your favor.

Everything seems like a mess; it’s discouraging. Still, that doesn’t mean there’s no way out.

The Bigger Picture

When it comes to divorce troubles, even the best of Albuquerque’s family law practices will say the same thing: look at the bigger picture. 

During the proceedings, it’s easier to react to things shoved in front of your face. In some cases, reacting emotionally is an automatic response. Getting the best out of the rat race, however, requires more straightforward thinking than an outburst of emotions.

Instead, think better and think ahead. The only way to rise above the situation is to see things from a different perspective and think your way around it.

Create an Action Plan

Charge ahead of your divorce by revisiting goals and creating an action plan. For each set goal, list down at least three steps of action. For example, what do you see yourself doing in the next week or three months from now? Evaluate your current position and think about potential steps to achieve your goal faster.

The Breaking Free Game

Identifying what you want at the end of the day or the week is a good reminder of your future after the divorce. It’s also better than falling into the same unpleasant cycle or dreading the proceedings. Your game plan to break free should focus ALWAYS on the bigger picture. At the end of the day, your happiness depends on your response.

Divorce is difficult — that’s a fact. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or scared. But if you want to get the best out of the situation, look ahead and power through.