Going the DIY Route for Window Screens

window screensSummer is one of the most challenging seasons for many Perth residents. You want to open up your windows to let the air in, but you also fear that bugs and other insects might get in. Fortunately, there’s one solution to this problem — install an aluminium screen.

According to Boardwalk, aluminium screens are typically manufactured using either the roll form or the extrusion method. The former is usually thinner than the latter, making it more affordable but a bit weaker. Generally, the weakest points of a roll formed aluminium screens are the corners.

Installing Your Own Screen

Aluminium screens are the perfect solution against harsh climate. To find the best type for you, consult professionals. But, for those who are on a tight budget, you can try creating your own window screen.

1. Take the needed measurements.

You need to make two measurements – one for the frame and one for the screen itself. Check the measurement of the window for both cases. If you would be placing the screen within the window sill, take the measurements within the hole. On the other hand, if you will be placing the frame outside of the window sill, you need to add a few centimeters from the measurement, depending on the width of your frame.

2. Cut the required metal frame.

The first thing you need to cut would be the aluminium bars that would make up the frame. Because aluminium is a pliable metal, all you need to cut the piece would be a metal hacksaw and a metal file. You use the latter to remove the rough edges. You can then connect the bars together using plastic or aluminium inserts.

3. Cut the screen.

Before you can actually cut the screen, lay it down on the frame and then press the edges onto the slot of the bars. You can use a convex roller to do this. Make sure you hold the screen in place, as it could form waves if not properly stretched. Keep the screen in the slots with the help of rubber splines. Once done, you can then remove any screen that is in excess of the outside of the frame.

With this just three steps, you can now put the window frame, complete with the screen, on the window sill. Make sure the spline is inside. In most cases, window sills have clips and slots that keep the frame in place.

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