A “Hair” to Remember: Choosing the Right Hairstyle For You

Curly HairWe have different types of hairstyles, each suiting the kind of hair we have. Although there are hairstyles that are only suitable for specific occasions, every modern woman wants the same thing —to feel beautiful and sexy whether she has short or long hair. Only the best hairdressers in the industry can accomplish this feat.

People nowadays are having trouble with their hair. With trends coming out every now and then, every woman finds herself trying out a new style almost every week. What is even more depressing is that most of them choose hairstyles that do not suit their head shape or hair type. To save you the trouble, Circles of Subiaco shares some tips on how to choose the perfect hairstyle.

1. Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, then sharp haircuts should be your thing. The good thing about straight hair is that it has a fine texture and falls exactly where you cut it. Whether long or short, a good haircut and perfect styling will make you look elegant and sophisticated. The whole styling should be based on the occasion and your personal preference.

2. Curly Hair

Wavy or curly hair is usually due to uneven growth patterns, although this is not always the case. A haircut is extremely hard to achieve on wavy hair. If you need one, you have to find the best hairdressers who know how to cut hair depending on the density and looks of the curl. Curly hair normally appears to be straight when wet and then springs back to its shape when dry. This makes it difficult for anyone other than a professional to handle it.

3. Hair Density

Density is also another major determinant of the hairstyle you should choose. Hair density means the number of hairs per head. Some hairstyles suit people with more hair well than those with less while some are the exact opposite.

4. Texture

In terms of texture, hair can be either fine, course or medium. The texture is an essential determinant of the kind of looks that you can achieve. If your hair is course, achieving a smooth look will be very difficult and if smooth, making it hard is very difficult.

Let this guide help you the next time you visit your favourite hairdresser!

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