Haircut: Should You DIY it?

hairdressers in PerthPut that pair of scissors down before you make one of the worst decisions of your life. You might think you can do it yourself just by watching hairdressers every time you get a haircut. After all, it’s just cutting hair. It’s not like it doesn’t grow back.

There’s more to cutting hair than what you see in the mirror, though. Hairdressers study the technique and take years of practice to give you any style you want. Before you make any mistake, here are some things to convince you.

It’s not the same equipment

First of all, you should not even be using scissors. Not all scissors are the same as the shears hairdressers use. Remember, stylists choose shears carefully for a reason. Some scissors are dull and hard to use. Others, such as the ones you use for school projects, may not even cut properly.

Some get stuck in movement while other kinds are too loose. You will not get the style you want, and you may end up with split ends. Sure, you may use clippers, but how sure are you with your accuracy and aim? You have to keep the sides symmetrical.

It’s not the same hair

You may wonder why some hairdressers cut hair dry while some wet your hair first. This is because not all types of hair are the same. You can have straight, thin, soft and wavy locks, or thick and coarse tresses. Stylists from Circles of Subiaco say the best hairdressers in Perth know your hair type just by looking or touching. They know what to do with certain hair types.

Without proper knowledge of hair cutting, you cannot trust your own hands to do the job. Don’t entrust the fate of your hair to an unprofessional, including yourself. Hair may grow back, but the weeks of ridicule or embarrassment will not be a great experience.