Hardwood Maintenance: Floor Sanding and Finishing Secrets Revealed

Wood Floors Milled hardwood becomes flooring planks that lend unequalled charm to your home. After installation, you are responsible for maintenance. Hardwood planks in high-traffic areas require periodic sanding and re-finishing. How do you perform these procedures properly and efficiently?

Preparatory work

First, you have to be sure the floor can be refinished. Engineered flooring, which consists of a hardwood top with a plywood core, does not do well with refinishing. Flooring specialists will tell you all solid hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished. They will also remind you to do the necessary preparatory work. Start the do-it-yourself project by cleaning the surface thoroughly. For solid hardwood floors, you only have to use a mop and warm water to prepare the surface for the sanding process.

The proper sanding process

Sanding wood is a great way to restore its original lustre. When the coating is already dull and scratches mar the surface, it is time to clear the weekend and rent a sander. Sanding raises the grain of the wood and removes visible damage. It takes more than one run to sand wood adequately. Remember to ask someone for advice on the right kind of sanding pad to use for the particular species of wood. It takes three rounds to erase blemishes and all evidence of use. Make sure you do not oversand and check that you did not miss a single spot on the floor.

Wood finishing tricks

After sanding the floor, it is time to apply the finishing product. The biggest challenge is to choose the right one. Apply the product you have chosen around the perimeter of the room and coat along the wood grain. Work toward the center and overlap areas when you apply the second layer. Read the product label carefully and follow instructions about drying time and other application parameters.

Taking good care of your hardwood floor entails periodic sanding and refinishing. Genuine hardwood will last for many decades, but you still have to pay attention to them, especially if the planks get a beating every day.