Heal Your Horses: Photonic Light Therapy

Arthritis and sacroiliac joints are big enough problems for humans to deal with, so you can just imagine what it must be like for horses and dogs. Unlike people, animals don’t have the luxury of communicating pain to their keepers/owners, at least not in ways people can speedily comprehend.

photonic light therapy

Treating the pain of these bone conditions is another matter entirely. Doctors help patients with joint pains through repetitive strengthening therapy, which puts the affected bones through non-strenuous exercises to help rebuild strength. This isn’t as practical with animals, as initial pain may deter them from the exercises, and keepers may find it difficult to instruct their wards with repetitive tasks.

Photonic Therapy

The development of photonic light therapy came as an attempt to answer the difficulties of animal rehabilitation. According to the technology’s proponents, certain wavelengths of light can aid in the healing and restrengthening process of bone tissue. The tech exposes the affected parts to the ‘healing’ wavelengths.

The effectiveness of photonic light therapy is supported by 4,000 published medical studies. The therapy receives significant consideration from veterinarians when looking for solutions in pain alleviation. Some companies even recommended the use of photonic therapy for muscle pain, as well as arthritis and joint pain in humans.