Healthy and Hydrated: Ways to Improve the Quality of Drinking Water

drinking glassThe quality of water has an effect on everything it touches. It can affect the health of the drinker, the cleanliness of the food it touches, and even the state of a home’s plumbing. Despite filtration systems that make tap water pretty safe to drink, there are still plenty of ways to improve upon it.

Water Softening

This process removes metals from the water. Through water softening, water becomes a lot more compatible with soap and better for the plumbing. You can purchase a water softener system to get soft water. Softening the water generally removes ions like magnesium and calcium, which prevents plumbing problems.

Test Your Water

It’s wise to buy test kits that will tell you exactly what is in your tap water. This will illustrate which vitamins and minerals you get per glass, as well as indicators of any harmful elements you might ingest. Testing your water and determining its components will help you figure out the kind of filters you can purchase to make it better.

Choose the Right Filter

There are many filters available on the market, each offering different features at varying price ranges. Fortunately, you don’t really need the most expensive ones. You just need a basic water filter that has the capacity to take out sediments to keep your water clear. This is especially helpful if your water test shows your tap water has elevated levels of led, mercury, chlorine, and others.

Keep in mind that filtration and water softening is different from purification. Water must not be toxic or dirty before you filter or soften it. Despite being filtered, water might still be too dangerous to ingest or even use. This is why testing is very crucial. Of course, ridding water of all its minerals might require drinkers to take supplements to still get their normal dosage.

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