Heguru, Brain Exercises, and Right Brain Development

brain developmentA few years after right brain development became famous, many are still unsure over the effectiveness of such exercises. Science, however, is on the side of the supporters. Research has shown that cognitive abilities see significant improvement with different brain exercises – and the best part is that a US-based study says that the brain retains the improvements in cognition.

The Japanese practice Heguru is one of the disciplines that focus on the importance of right brain development. According to the Heguru Education Centre, this method trains the right brain during early childhood to gain maximal retention. The technique focuses on how infants absorb information better through different exercises.

Although the technique clearly focuses on cognitive skills, in practice, there are different areas of the brain that Heguru taps for holistic development. Reasoning, memory, and speed thinking are just a few aspects that the practice touches on.

To find exercises suitable for these objectives, Heguru uses different studies and research works to come up with what the programme entails. Normally, the exercises last for 10 to 12 75-minute sessions before signs of improvement become visible. When it comes to memory enhancement, Heguru uses puzzles, ideas, and sequences that the students memorise. Number patterns and sequences are the typical part of the exercises that hone creativity and abstract reasoning. On top of these, the exercises happen at a fast pace to speed up thinking.

The practice of Heguru has become quite popular. Since it began, it has earned many positive reviews that indicate the way the training has had significant impact on the cognitive skills of children.

Although the practice is fairly young, it has made waves in the field of education. With the impact of this technique on thousands of people, it’s probably only a matter of time when new studies will cement the spot of Heguru as an important educational tool.

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