Help Your Child Overcome the First Day of Preschool Anxiety

Preschool in KearnsIn Kearns, it is always an exciting part of life for a parent when taking their child to their first day of preschool. Your child, however, might not exactly share in the same level of enthusiasm.

It is perfectly normal for your child to feel anxious on his first day of preschool, says Smart Kids Development Center. Being away from people you know in an unfamiliar environment can be scary even for college students on their first day on campus. Can you imagine how it is for a small child?

Here are some helpful hacks:

Get your child familiar with the new environment early

Before enrolling your child, meeting the teacher is one of the first things you will need to do anyway, so hit two birds with one stone by bringing your child with you when to do this. By doing this, you allow your child to get familiar with the school he will be going to and his teacher as well; thus, making it much easier for him to adjust to this new environment. This works even better if you manage to meet the other kids’ parents and ask if you can arrange play dates, so your child can also make friends with his future classmates.

Build your child’s sense of independence through separation

Another good exercise is to leave your child alone for a short amount of time in a safe place where you can still see them. This helps in building your child’s independence. It is not advisable, though, to leave him alone for too long at the start as it may cause your child to panic. As much as possible lengthen the time gradually when practicing separation. Your goal here is to make your child less reliant on your presence, not scare him.

Leaving your child alone for the first time in school can be scary for him. With this useful guide, you can help your child shake off his fears and anxiety.