Here are Four Simple Packaging Tips for Your Business

water bottles being packed for transportationIf you frequently ship merchandise to your clients, it is essential that you package the items appropriately, so you avoid losses occasioned by delays, damages or lost goods. Here’s some advice on how you can do so successfully.

Invest in combination strapping tools.

There is a variety of strapping hand tools on the market that can help with the packaging of your goods. The best kinds are the combination tools, which act as tensioners, sealers and cutters. The advantage of using these tools is that they reduce the amount of time you need to package items by eliminating the need to use separate tools.

Remove old bar codes and shipping labels.

Reusing your old shipping boxes is a great idea when you are looking to save on the cost of buying new ones. The problem, however, comes when your employees forget to replace old shipping labels and bar codes with the new ones. The result is that merchandise is frequently shipped to the wrong address.

Use the right tape.

The kind of tape you use for sealing cargo makes a great difference in whether the products reach their destination in good condition or not. Never use cellophane or masking tape, as they are not strong. Also, avoid rope and string at all costs, as they may get caught on equipment, breaking the items contained in the box. Opt for reinforced paper tape or plastic instead.

Use a box within a box.

In some instances, one box just isn’t enough for the items you are shipping, particularly if the merchandise is highly fragile. It is advisable to nest one box inside another, providing double protection. Remember to use an appropriate cushioning material around the box you place inside.

Regardless of how long you have been in the shipping industry, it is likely you may still be encountering some of the packaging challenges you started with. By embracing a few simple packing tips, you can eliminate these challenges and minimise losses.