Here’s How to Choose the Ideal Color Scheme for Your Site

Web Design PuzzleYour brand isn’t just the website, images, messages, and photos, but it’s also the color scheme of everything you put your name on. The combination of colors conveys a message and associates with certain emotions.

Experts on graphic design from cite the following hacks to find the ideal color scheme.

Identify a Dominant Color

You’ll need to identify a color that you want your audience to remember, like the blazing red that Coke uses on its products and branding. This dominant hue elicits and conveys emotions that create associations with your company. These can be familial love, respect, excitement, or passion. Use your chosen color as the primary one for your logo. Certain colors have links to a spectrum of emotions; identify what these are and determine if they meet your brand needs.

Background Hue

The background color is an important part of creating an overall scheme. This must blend with your chosen dominant hue so that your visitors will have a smooth experience browsing your website. To find the ideal color, you must identify the use of that particular page. You want the content on it to stand out and direct the eyes of a visitor to sections you want them to see.

If your web page is about content and providing information, a white or neutral background is the ideal choice. This puts the attention of visitors on the article, images, and video or other types you publish.

Accent Colors

Now that you have a background and a dominant color, adding accent ones will complete the scheme. These hues will accentuate certain sections of a page that you want to highlight. You can also use these to indicate the performance of a block of text, photo or call-to-action button.

These are some of the hacks you can implement to determine the color scheme of your website. The accent, dominant, and background colors all work together to enhance your brand and the appearance of your site.