Hole in the Wall: Guide to Proper Core Drilling

Core DrillingNot only in homes but in big construction sites as well, drilling machines are important. Diamonds, being the hardest substance on earth, can withstand great pressure. This is the reason diamond core drills are suitable for this type of construction project.

According to Greene’s Construction, it’s advisable to work with a reliable core drilling firm to ensure the quality of the work. However, if you want repair work or demolition of structures to be done at the construction site you can also choose to rent an equipment from the core drilling company.

Choosing a Suitable Drilling Machine

There are a variety of diamond core drilling machines available in the market and some of them are as follows:

  • Hand-held electric drillers: These are small portable drillers. They are used for domestic and small construction projects. These machines can easily drill holes through concrete and natural stones.
  • Rig mounted drillers: These are bigger drillers and need to be mounted on a stand. These too run on electricity, however, they are mostly used in bigger construction projects. Some of the medium sized rig mounted drillers can be used manually as well.
  • Hydraulic hand-held drillers: These drillers are used manually and are ideal for drilling holes in wood and concrete. However, the modern hydraulic drillers support electricity as well. In such a case you need to mount the driller on a stand, connect it to a power point and then use it to drill a hole in the particular object.
  • Pneumatic drillers: These drillers are both hand-held and support mounted ones. However, the pneumatic drillers are much more powerful compared to other diamond core drillers. Hence, it is used to drill holes in robust and rough surfaced rocks or in RCC blocks.

So choose a driller based on its usage as well as the requirements for the construction project.