Holiday Inventory: Checking your Christmas Accessories

Christmas LightsChristmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is where families and friends become secret Santas to each other and homes are filled with light and gifts. The holiday season can also be very overwhelming with the entire gift and food shopping one has to do. Most of the time decorations are left unattended or you just recycle what you had last year.

Recycling is a good and practical idea, but you may want to make it a little different from the previous year by reinventing and matching new décor combinations. Christmas may not be due for a while but it is good to start early to check on your holiday accessories, whether you're Christmas lighting for municipal, office, or home use. This will save you time in preparing and will allow you some lead time to replenish or replace your decorations. By setting aside a portion of your time to conduct an inventory to your Christmas decorations, you lessen all of the stress the holiday may bring.

Getting Started With Your Décor Inventory

Admit it, just the sight of tangled Christmas lights and glitter-filled Christmas balls are enough to make you want to forget about inventory, but do not be discouraged; starting is always the hardest part. Opening boxes of decorations and organizing it can be challenging. Doing it months before the Christmas songs hit the airwaves can be such a relief.

Start by making an inventory checklist of what you have. It is so easy to buy a new one when you’re lazy to even check the stuff you already have. So make a checklist of all the decorations you already have, including the color and number, so you may just add a few more balls or re-paint them instead of buying new ones.

Staying Alive

After the checklist, check for the quality of the decorations that you have: Are they still working? Check the Christmas tree if the branches and leaves are still intact and thick. One of the trickiest decorations is the Christmas lights. Whether you’re doing an inventory, it is SOP to check for busted bulbs and if the wires are still in perfect condition after being twisted and tangled. If the lights are working perfectly, then good, but if your Christmas lights don't look good anymore then you should retire it. Retiring old and busted lights are way better instead of risking using it; remember, you’re dealing with an electrical material and busted lights pose harm to the household.

Lights Off

After the inventory and once you have the idea of which ones are still perfect to use, list down the decorations that are up for replacement. If you are to change your Christmas lights, specialty service companies can give you the best offer and would insist in properly installing the light at your house. It is good to deal with experts regarding Christmas lighting to prevent improper wiring that could cause short circuits or even fires.

There is always something good in preparation, especially if the holiday is Christmas. The last thing you want to do is dealing with busted and tangled lights instead of singing Christmas carols and unwrapping presents.