Home Comforts: Welcome the New Year with a New AC Unit

New Year with a New AC UnitAlthough a new air conditioner can cost you quite a bit of money, the benefits you can get from it outweigh the costs. After all, having an air conditioner is important to you and your loved ones, as it keeps you comfortable.

The key to ensuring you get the most out of your new AC purchase is to get and install the best possible unit for your needs. With new models now featuring a range of useful functions and additions, you will not have a hard time finding the most appropriate one for your home.

Nonetheless, you need to remember the following during the selection process:

Energy consumption

As AlveyHVAC.com always recommends, check the energy efficiency rating of all your prospective choices. New models have higher ratings than their older counterparts, but this does not mean they have the same rating. Make the right choice, and you can shave off about 40 to 50 percent from your monthly electricity bills.


Where do you need to install the new air conditioner? The location has a direct impact on the size of the unit you should get. Failure to consider this factor will leave you with an AC that will not cool the area properly. Morever, the unit might become more prone to break downs. Seek the help of a reliable HVAC company, as experienced technicians will provide you with correct AC sizing.

Type of system

The areas you want to supply with conditioned air should also make it to your list of priorities.Your choices are no longer limited to wall or window units. When your needs call for cooling multiple areas at once, consider split or ducted systems. You should also look at reverse cycle models, as these will allow you to get both cooling and heating functions. Most central air conditioners perform far better than older models, so take the time to compare what’s available.

The right choices can spell the difference between comfort and inconvenience. Make sure you go through your cooling options thoroughly for a better purchase this New Year.