How Lighting Can Produce Dreamlike Effects in Photos

Good Lighting in PhotographyWanting to capture the best image ever, you bought that latest DSLR camera? While a quality device can help you capture high-resolution images, it is lighting that gives it a dreamlike effect. It is this element that breathes life into your photos, allowing your images to convey the message you want. In fact, even the most proficient photographer admits that light matters when capturing images.

What factors should you consider when harnessing light to get that perfect image? Here are some examples:

Light Direction

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, light direction matters since it adds or takes away the detail. There are those who insist that frontal lighting works for them. The problem with this method is that the result would often appear blanched, without any depth and devoid of any dramatic effect. If your photos appear this way, says that you can let a professional edit them to add depth and color.

Dramatic Effect

According to Tech Radar, the light direction will have an effect on the texture and shape of the subject. If you want to have a dramatic effect in your shots, try rim lighting or perhaps even going against the light. Move continuously until you have captured several angles. You will be surprised at the dramatic effect it will produce.

Hard or Soft?

Take not of the hardness or softness of the light. This can greatly affect how your photo would look like. The hardest light is usually produced during noontime when the sun is at its brightest. It's during this time that vibrant colors stand out. Expert photographers take photoshoots during this time when they want more contrast. Soft light is produced during overcast or cloudy days. Light would even spread on the subject without casting too much shadow.

Light Meter Helps

If you do not have a light meter yet, then perhaps you should consider getting one. It helps you determine the amount of light and its direction in a given area. While you may have been able to do this by simply scanning the area with your eyes, recommend using a light meter because they are more accurate. With this tool, you would be able to know where your key tones are.

Photography is not only about the ability of your camera to capture high-resolution images. More importantly, it is about capturing your subject with the right amount and direction of light. When you master the lighting aspect of photography, you will definitely be happy at how improved your captured images will be.