How Our face Develops Double Chin?

Double ChinMany adults in their mid-30s are now going for a cosmetic surgery to get rid of their double chin. The double chin or chin fat makes us look fat even though we have a slim body. It is difficult to reduce this since most fitness tips focus on building abs. Not knowing how to hide their chin, people visit cosmetic surgeons to either have non-surgical or surgical treatments. Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa say that actually, people don’t notice that their habitual lifestyles cause them to develop a double chin.

Weight gain

This is a common cause of double chin. Food rich in cholesterol, sugar, and fatty acids are the main reasons why you get that double look. We can get it from fries, meat, dairy products. Well, it is hard to let go of these foods, but it will be harder to remove your chin fat if not treated.

  As we age, we forget to care for our skin.

Well, as we age, our skin sags. From the mid-30s to senior years, our double chin gradually becomes visible because of the loose skin and muscles. We can prevent this, but too busy to handle it. Since facial exercises don’t work for most adults, they choose to take Kybella shots,a non-surgical treatment that reduces chin fat in a series of sessions. Deoxycholic acid is injected that helps absorbs fats. Double chins are also hereditary; so if anyone takes this treatment, they can reduce it permanently. This new treatment has significant results showing tightening and lifting of the neck.

Improper posture

Most people work in front of computers or use smartphones every now and then. If these gadgets are positioned under our nose, we look down; thus, causing the chin to sag. If it is inevitable due to the pressure at work, have a short break to stretch your muscles and massage your jawline.

Social Media

Surveys say that ‘selfie’ has been causing more troubles to people. People with double chin get insecure when they see their friends uploaded a perfect selfie. This pushes them to take kybella shots and endure the pain just to go with the flow.

Double chin really bothers people a lot. But, avoiding these factors and getting a healthier lifestyle can bring back your confidence. And for those who succeeded in getting rid of it, they suggest choosing experts who provide a comfortable and relaxing environment to achieve the best look you want.