How Window Treatments Can Contribute to Building Sustainability

A cluster of potted plants next to an open window that leads to outsideAs the threat of climate change grows, there is increased concern about the impact of human activity on the planet. The green revolution seeks to minimise our footprint on Earth’s natural resources, and one particular industry that is seeking to introduce more eco-friendly ways of doing things is the construction business. In construction, being “green” matters.

One way that the construction industry can make buildings more sustainable is through the kind of windows that are used. Windows impact heating and lighting costs in buildings. Here is why the right window treatment is important in a building.

Welcoming Natural Light

Many buildings are now using strategically placed windows to invite more sunlight into indoor spaces. This drastically reduces the need for artificial light and can decrease a building’s dependency on electricity. Louvre and slats manufacturers such as CVS Equipment are continually developing new treatments that effectively redirect and control natural light penetration.

Controlling the Temperatures

A disadvantage to light penetration is the heat that it generates. However, there are simple solutions to reduce heat levels. Special coatings and treatments on the windows can control the amount of heat that is absorbed. Manufacturers are also constantly looking for ways to deflect heat from windows and building facades.

Up-Cycled Materials

Windows manufactured from recycled materials might not be a significant player in the industry yet, but their potential is worth noting. Using windows fashioned from salvaged materials will lead to a decreased demand for raw materials. This minimises activities such as mining, which has a considerable impact on the environment.

Upcoming Technologies

Windows make up a significant percentage of a building’s facade, and there is a great deal of untapped potential in them. Scientists are developing technologies such as solar panels on windows that turn the windows into renewable energy power plants. Without a doubt, windows will play a significant role in sustainable buildings in the future.

Buildings are feats of engineering and are vital to our modern, urban way of life. They enable large populations to live, work and play in relatively small land areas. This, however, puts a considerable strain on available resources. With green approaches, such problems can be lessened, and buildings can become more environmentally friendly.