How Your Dog Helps You Get Better Sleep Quality

Comfortable bedThere has never been a question of whether a dog is important in the life of its owner. For many, owning a dog is a source of relief; seeing them wagging their tail as they greet you after a long day of work melts away stress. For others, it’s a necessity; service dogs help the visually impaired and even those dealing with anxiety.

Most dog owners will be glad to know that sleeping with their dog is shown to improve sleep quality. Here’s how:

You Feel Relaxed

Sometimes, dimming the lights and putting your phone down does not work to help you sleep. There is some comfort in a pet’s presence and the unconditional love they are willing to give. Cuddling with your dog under the sheets helps you relax enough for a sound slumber. It’s even better if you buy bamboo sheets for the bedroom, as the fabric’s natural coolness will help you ease into sleep better. The smell of fresh sheets helps, too.

When it comes to actual bedtime, however, the study shows that the dog shouldn’t be in bed with you. They should have their own bed in your room, so both of you can have an uninterrupted sleep.

You Feel Safe

No matter the size, a dog is still a companion, and this makes you feel less alone. The idea of the dog being in the same room to alert you of an intruder is comforting enough to help you doze off. If you are living alone with your dog, there is also some comfort in knowing that you have your most important companion nearby.

You Feel Loved

A parent kissing a child’s forehead before tucking them in. A partner saying goodnight before turning off the lights. A dog showing affection in its own way. There are plenty of actions that make you feel loved, happy and content. During bedtime, it’s important to reduce the levels of stress, which trigger your fight or flight response. With elevated stress levels, you find it harder to sleep. The calming presence of a dog is enough to get you in a sleepy state.

The results are in: You get better sleep with freshly washed bamboo sheets, the lights dimmed, and with your dog in the same room.