HVAC Costs to Expect in Your Home

HVAC ProblemsThere is no doubt that HVAC systems have improved, but there is no way repair, replacement and maintenance needs are going to disappear completely. Your unit can break without warning or just deteriorate. Regular service can ensure that your equipment serves you smoothly throughout the year.

While you can avoid many HVAC costs, some are just inevitable. Here are a few problems that require professional intervention.

Refrigerant Leak

When people call for refrigerator repairs, it is usually for refrigerant leaks. The tendency for most of them is to refill the refrigerant with the hope of pushing the system to the next season. Instead of continuing with this and damaging the compressor, what you need is refrigerant repair. This might cost you up to $1600, but it is better than having to pay $400 every few months for a refill.

Electrical and Mechanical Furnace Problems

On average, furnaces last for 10 to 15 years before they need repairs. However, when this need arises, it is usually something beyond the repair ability of a common homeowner. The problem can be complex; for instance, a broken fan blade or blown motor. Most Salt Lake City repairmen charge between $130 and $420 for furnace repairs.

Attic Fan Faults

The heat level in your home can become unbearable if the attic fan goes silent. You need to call an HVAC professional in Salt Lake City immediately. What could be the issue? It could be an issue with the thermostat, electrical components or the motor. This repair can cost you up to $500.

There are times when DIY solutions cannot help revive HVAC system components. That is when you need to call a professional. It makes sense to know how much these services cost to avoid disappointment when you call emergency contractors in the middle of the night.