Importance of Exit Interviews to Businesses

exit interviewAn exit interview is a survey conducted when an employee resigns from the company. The information gathered from exit interviews serve as feedback from employees regarding the reasons for leaving, the things they liked while working for the company and the areas that they think need improvement.

Exit interviews can be an effective tool for any human resources department because these show what areas to improve. With the help of HR consulting firms, Brisbane businesses can further improve their work environment for everybody’s benefit.

The Pros and Cons of Exit Interviews

One of the pros of exit interviews is the valuable feedback you get from employees. You can gain insights on why your employees leave, such as low wages, work environment, office location or the workload they receive. In response, you can take action by giving more benefits to employees. If they lack the motivation, you can improve by implementing a rewards system and compensation program.

Exit interviews have cons, as well. When an employee is afraid to share the real reason for leaving for the fear of leaving a bad impression, they may give general answers. This can make the data gathered from exit interviews not as accurate.  Exit interviews can be time-consuming for larger companies, as well.

The Exit Interview Procedure

The exit interview may start with a light discussion to set the mood and help the employee feel at ease during the interview. The interviewer — one of the HR staff — will then declare that everything the employee says will not have negative consequences. They’ll explain that the information gathered from the exit interview will help the company improve for the remaining employees.

The HR department needs to retrieve company property during the exit interview, as well. If the departing employee got a company laptop, then they’ll need to make sure that the employee gives the laptop back.

Exit interviews are beneficial for the growth of the company. When gathering data, make sure to take down important statements and verify if they’re true or not before taking action.