Improve Your quality of Life in Just Six Months with Six Month Smiles

Orthodontic TreatmentsHave you ever felt a lack in confidence because of crooked or protruding teeth? Many adults look in the mirror and see problems with the alignment of their teeth. In that past this would mean a long and often intrusive course of metal braces and seemingly endless trips to the orthodontist to have often unsightly metal wires adjusted to straighten your teeth.

Modern advances in technology and materials have made it so this is no longer the case. New types of braces can be offered that are more efficient and more subtle. Six Month Smiles are braces made from tooth-coloured wire and transparent brackets. This treatment makes getting that perfect smile quicker and more subtle than ever.

The treatment on average only takes, as the name suggests, six months. Traditional braces can take up to 18 months to move the teeth into the desired position, so for a faster smile, Six Month Smiles could be a good option!

Burwell Dental Clinic in Newmarket offers a range of cosmetic services to improve your smile and change your quality of life. The clinic’s lead dentist, Dr Mabel Saw, is a certified provider of Six Month Smiles and can help you on your journey to a more even smile.

There are many benefits of the perfect smile. A recent poll of 5,500 singles has shown that over half of the people said the first thing they notice about a person is their smile. Studies have also shown that a friendly and straight smile could even help you advance in your career.

It is also worth noting that any type of cosmetic treatment on your teeth comes with hidden health benefits. Having a straight smile makes brushing and flossing more effective. To put it simply there are less places for plaque and bacteria to build up. This will not just benefit you in maintaining your teeth but if you have suffered with bad breath this could solve that problem, too!