Injured? A Competent Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractor Care in Denver Injuries are very common in the United States, and many Denver residents suffer from various kinds of them. Mainly caused by sports, accidents, and overexertion, these injuries need prompt treatment, or the pain and restricted mobility they usually bring with them can lead to a diminished quality of life.

You have several treatment options to choose from, with chiropractic therapy being one of the best and most effective, says the Denver Integrated Spine Center. A competent, licensed, and experienced chiropractor can help you with any of the following injuries:

Frozen Shoulder

When the shoulder capsule forms a scar tissue that “bonds” to the bones in the joints, it leads to this mobility-restricting and painful condition.

When you have this kind of injury, your chiropractor will develop a treatment program designed to increase your shoulder’s range of mobility. In many cases, progressive stretching, combined with shoulder, neck, and upper back adjustments are enough to treat it without the need for surgery.

Knee Injuries

Sports are the leading causes of knee injuries. Most knee injuries occur when the ligaments are stretched past their normal range of motion, or when they tear or rupture. Misalignment of the pelvis or the lower back can also lead to these health problems.

A chiropractor will take both your knees and lower back into consideration, and check it for the possibility of overtight muscles and misalignments.

Whiplash Injuries

People who get into car accidents, particularly rear-enders, often end up suffering from whiplash injuries. It affects the neck, but can also damage the disks, ligaments, and even the spinal cord.

You should consult with a whiplash chiropractor in Denver right away, as this type of injury can be quite debilitating and may even result in short- to long-term paralysis.

Chiropractors are highly trained to treat most injuries, especially those that cause pain and movement restriction. So seek one as soon as you can, instead of relying too much on pain medications or before undergoing surgery.