Introducing Bergamot Herb – A Source of Cholesterol-Lowering Compounds

Bergamot HerbBergamot juice is sour, and the fruit itself has a bitter taste. To make it more pleasant, some
manufacturers present bergamot extract to consumers in capsule form. They process it and sometimes
mix in other ingredients.

Supplements usually combine it with Japanese knotweed and resveratrol, which is a powerful
antioxidant extracted from grapes, raspberries, and mulberries.

Health Benefits of the Bergamot Plant

The fruit produced by bergamot plants is similar to other citrus fruits. The herb is a hardy perennial with
a lemon-orange scent, and the leaves are used in cooking in dried form or freshly picked from the shrub.

In addition, sweet and savory dishes make full use of the flowers, while some boil the leaves to make a
refreshing tea. You can plant bergamot herbs in your backyard and have a ready source of flavorful

Application of the Plant

Throughout the centuries, bergamot is a cure for respiratory ailments in some Indian tribes. The vapors
from the oil are also inhaled to promote relaxation. Meanwhile, the oil is applied on the skin to treat
conditions such as fungal infection, psoriasis, and vitiligo, or loss of skin pigmentation. Other topical
applications of this herb are for treatment of hair lice.

Meanwhile, manufacturers of products such as creams, soaps, lotions, and perfumes utilize bergamot as
an ingredient for its aromatic properties.

Effect of Bergamot Extract on Blood Cholesterol

According to Herbal Powers, citrus bergamot is an ingredient used in some of the most popular natural
health supplements marketed as cholesterol-lowering agents. What used to be a citrusy flavoring for

Earl Grey tea is now being touted as source of powerful compounds that lower the level of “bad”
cholesterol in the blood.

Meanwhile, according to research, bergamot is also capable of boosting good cholesterol. In published
studies, it also lowers blood sugar and fatty deposits in the liver in human subjects.

You can ask your doctor for advice, but bergamot supplements are increasing in popularity because of
their effectiveness.

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