Is Your Backyard Oasis Safe? 3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Pool Area

Pool Safety and Your PetA backyard pool is a great source of fun, excitement and adventure for the whole family. Many homeowners, however, enjoy swimming too much and don’t think about drowning. Apart from the kids, a pool also poses risks to pet cats and dogs. As a matter of fact, it may only take a few seconds for them to get into the pool area and fall. Though dogs are naturally good swimmers, it doesn’t mean that they can’t go into trouble. There are breeds that are not good at swimming.

Dogs and cats are always curious, so it’s natural for them to explore everything around them. But, this can often lead them into dangerous situations. While there is no exact statistics available, local veterinarians have issued a warning about a reported increase in the number of pets drowning in pools.

Here’s what you can do to keep your pets safe and healthy:

Invest in Glass Fencing

Perth’s authority in premium frameless glass pool fencing, Design n Consult, shares that the benefits of pool fencing are more than just adding value to your home and making the area more appealing. It can add functionality to your backyard and enhance the security around your pool. You can install frameless fencing fit to your budget and satisfaction. A securely fenced area must cover any gaps or spaces where pets can squeeze in.

Store Pool Chemicals Away

Believe it or not, pool chemicals are a major pet killer. Before you let your cat or dog wander around the yard, be sure to hide and store all toxic chemicals in a safe place. When your pet licks or gets his nose into the poisonous content, he can suffer injuries, or worse, die.

Have Floating Devices Ready

Some pets can paddle, while others may sink quickly like a huge stone when they fall in a pool. If you cannot always supervise your dog or cat, it’s best to place some floating devices in the pool or near the area.

Making your swimming pool safe for your pets is similar to protecting your kids from potential dangers.

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