Items You Should Bring When Immigrating to Australia from NZ

Moving Congratulations on your immigration approval! Now, it’s time to pack everything you need while selling and giving away those that are replaceable. Other than personal effects, consider bringing these other items to make things more convenient for you:

Sentimental Items – These are important to fend off homesickness. But, you would have to severely limit yourself to not more than three items. There is the danger of being overly homesick by having too many reminders and you might end up doubting your decision. Photos and videos do not fall under this category.

Contact Details – Maintaining your connection with your family and close friends is essential to surviving in a different country. Keep contact numbers, social media site information, addresses and other details of your friends and family back in your native land. Store them in digital form and a printed hardcopy. Make sure you have a back-up copy just in case.

Mobile Gadgets and Chargers – Bring your laptops and tablets and their chargers, so you won’t have to buy new ones where you transfer. Since you’re moving from NZ to Australia and both have the same voltage for their electrical supply (230-240v), there’s no need for converters. But, you may have to buy a new mobile phone if you choose to have a different provider upon arrival.

Documents and Paperwork – Make your life a lot easier by digitising all your documents, photos, videos, etc. Reserve a hard drive to keep all of them and make sure there’s an anti-virus software installed. Keep the original copies in your carry-on. Once you are settled, make copies and file them in an accessible place. Secure the original documents in a safe place.

But, above everything else, remember that the most important thing you can bring to make sure things go as planned is your strength of character. Be strong, patient and kind to everyone in your neighbourhood and at work. Eventually, you will find yourself happy and fulfilled with your new found life in Australia.