Just How Much Fluoridation Does a Child Need to Be Safe from Cavities?

Child CavitiesYou often see on the news and probably on the ads too that your child needs fluoridation.

At times, these consistent reminders may seem gimmicky and misleading because fluoride is already everywhere. It’s included in most food products, and you’re already taking in fluoride every time you drink water. Not to mention the fluoride content of topical products like toothpaste, mouthwash, and the like — the need for fluoridation is simply non-existent.

But, if you look at your child or other’s for that matter, you’re sure to spot at least one or two with awful teeth. So, does this mean that their parents don’t care about their oral health? They probably do, but something is clearly missing.

Kidz Smile Dentistry reveals in-depth child fluoridation facts you should know right now.

Fluoride Helps Fortify a Child’s Defense Against Oral Diseases

Fluoride found in water is among the most efficient ways to prevent early childhood tooth decay. By enhancing the enamel surface of the teeth, disease ceases to develop; thus, promoting balanced oral health.

Not All Fluoridation Methods Work the Same for Every Child

As previously mentioned, fluoride found in water channels such as tap water and drinking water are among the most efficient ways to incorporate fluoride into a child’s system. But, this doesn’t work all the time.

As there are different levels of tolerance and absorption rates of minerals for every person, everyone requires a different approach. For those who have low water-infused fluoride absorption rate, topical treatments such mouthwashes, in-house fluoridation, varnish, and the like works better.

Fluoride Doesn’t Kil, But Gum Diseases Sure Do

For over 70 years now, fluoridation still reigns as one of 20th century’s greatest public health achievements while gum diseases continue to come out as a catalyst to a number of illnesses.

Though, some claim that fluoride is indeed harmful, there’s not a single verifiable study that proves this to be any true.

Fluoride Intake: The Soonest the Better

Fluoride application works wonders at an early age because this is where the development of the body takes place. By making certain that the development is successful without any impediments, you can stay confident that your child will have one of the toughest possible sets of teeth in the future.