Keeping Fit? Here Are 3 Reasons to Take Off in the Open Waters

Keeping Fit with Water SportsFace it: spending an hour with several dozen strangers, each huffing and puffing as they go about the various fitness routines does not fill you with motivation and happy thoughts. In fact, some noises people make in the gym are anything but happy and in some cases can have you taking off to the nearest hills.

Well, the noises may not be an issue but there is no denying that the ambience is a bit wanting, especially in comparison to, say the outdoors. Hiking in the hills or running in a park trounces most workout routine except those that take place in water.

All Inclusive

Above & Beyond Alaska shares that water-based exercises such as swimming have a low impact on the joints and as such are suitable for people of all age groups – from babies to octogenarians.

Also, swimming is full body exercise that combines both cardio and muscular effort that allow you to burn up to 900 calories a session. As such, it suits people seeking shed off some extra pounds, but their current weights do not permit them to engage in other activities such as jogging.

Variety of Sports

Other than swimming, you can participate in various other activities such as water surfing, scuba diving, canoeing or even kayaking. For the best result, you should take a couple of lessons to build you skills and keep safe in the waters. Other than having kayaks for rent Alaska, service providers offer great packages to absolute beginners to usher them gracefully into the wonderful world of water sports.

Push Your Limits

Water buoyancy keeps fatigue at bay allowing you to break any plateau in your exercise routine as you engage in synchronized swimming, water polo or underwater cardio exercises. As a result, you craft your physique without the loud annoying grunts and groans that you usually find in the gymnasiums not mention the stunning scenery that happens outdoors.

With the wide-ranging water sports and activities available today, you should not have to endure a dull moment in your endeavors to keep fit.