Kettlebell Training Has your Back: Alleviate Back Pain and Strengthen your Spine

Spine MuscleStrong spinal muscles are crucial for overall fitness and health. One of the best ways to strengthen your spine and relieve back pain is through resistance and weight training such as kettlebell exercises. Kettlebell training is a very effective workout for increasing ballistic power, functional strength, flexibility and endurance, most especially in your core and spinal muscles.

QLD Kettlebells outlines its benefits below.

How Kettlebell Training Relives Back Pain

Kettlebell workouts incorporate big functional movements so different muscle groups function in combination with each other to complete each exercise. Your spinal muscles serve as either your main mover or aid your main mover during each workout. They likewise stabilise your body while doing functional exercises to develop the smaller, surrounding muscle groups.

Although isolation exercises such as presses and curls provide great benefits, movements while doing kettlebell exercises engage multiple muscle groups and teach your body to function and move as a single unit. This is effective in strengthening the muscle chain in your back, leading to increased blood circulation to your leg and back muscles, which in turn reduce the lactic acid buildup responsible for back pain.

Repetition is Good

Kettlebell workouts employ high centrifugal force, momentum, and repetitions. Momentum works your spine muscles while you raise and lower the kettlebell, while high reps along with momentum, as well as whole body movements build endurance and strength in your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. The consistent progression of practising kettlebell movements reinforces correct spine mechanics, which in turn results in the injury prevention from improper mechanics.

In addition, kettlebell workouts are also aerobic, as shown by one American study. The study found that a kettlebell workout of 20 minutes could burn an estimated 21 calories per minute, which is equal to running a mile in six minutes.

As with every exercise, technique and form is mandatory since it reduces risk of injury and maximises your gains. Remember that kettlebell training involves learned movements so it’s crucial that you know the proper techniques from an experienced trainer. You can likewise consider enrolling in kettlebell courses if you want more in-depth training.