Knowing Your Horses: 5 Fun Facts About the Famous Morgan Horse

Morgan Horse in TakaniniHorses are one of the world’s most famous animals. They have been human companions from the early times where they help in transporting goods and people, while others take care of them for race competitions.

There are approximately 75 million horses in the world and the Morgan horse is one of the most popular breeds today. Justin Morgan was the first one to breed this kind of horse in 1789. Hence, the breed was named after him. During the 19th century, these horses are mainly used for pulling coaches because it has superb speed and endurance.

  1. The Morgan horse is like the quarter horse because both can keep up with speed and stamina. However, it is chunkier and heavier.
  2. The first Morgan horse was named ‘Figure’. It was then named after its owner, Justin Morgan when he died and after that, all offspring were called Morgan.
  3. They are believed to be the origin of the breed lines of the American Saddlebred, Tennessee Walker and American Quarter Horse.
  4. Morgans are strong, versatile and have a gigantic stamina, which makes it excel in most disciplines of horsemanship. That is why they are the most common choice for ownership. Takanini Feeds added that they thrive mostly by eating grass or dairy pallets to keep them strong and healthy.
  5. Lastly, the story of the origin of the Morgan horse was made into a film by the Walt Disney in 1972. It was based on a book by Marguerite Henry titled, ‘Justin Morgan had a Horse’.

Horses are involved in many different activities, from ranch work to rodeo events, trail riding and horse racing. Since then, many different breeds have emerged to suit every aspect and need of their breeders. From across the world, various horses have different sizes, built and uses. They are one of the most hardworking animals and they’ve been with humans for centuries, helping in any way they can.