Legal Solutions: A Look at Australia’s Family Law

Family LawWhether you are living with an umarried partner, or are in a relationship but staying in separate residences, what is yours is not necessarily yours alone. Under the Australian Law, de facto relationships on the verge of separation have the same rights and liabilities as married couples in terms of property settlements.

As Dixie Ann Middleton & Associates explains, “The law relating to matrimonial and defacto relationship disputes is especially complex and ever changing.” Here is a quick look at Australia’s family law:

De facto relationships

You are in a de facto relationship if you are not married to your partner legally, but are living together as a couple domestically. These rights and liabilities include superannuation splits, property division, financial agreements and your spouse’s claims for maintenance.

Family law

In Australia, family law covers separation and divorce. Lawyers help in handling nullity, filing for a divorce, requesting proof of divorce, gathering documents, and withdrawing a divorce application. Australian family law also entails parenting arrangements, complying with orders on custody, and applying for custody modification.

Missing Children

During family law proceedings, one parent may remove their child from their place of residence, which keeps the other parent from contacting the child because the child cannot be located. In such occasions, the other parent involved in these proceedings can apply to the court and seek a recovery or a publication order.

Estate administration

During the death of a loved one, family members need an estate administrator to collect and manage their estate(s). Estate administration entails gathering assets, distributing the remaining estate assets, and paying debts of the deceased.

Without a concise understanding of family law proceedings, the experience can be overwhelming. Choosing the right executor will help you meet your financial and parenting cases in the most appropriate way. Contact a competent estate administrator or family lawyer in Brisbane to help address your concerns.