Less Repair Issues, Innumerable Accessories: Why iPad is a Good Macbook Substitute

iPad and Macbook from HamiltonFor serious buyers of Apple products, it is always either about the iPhone or the MacBook. As flagship products, they have everything; but probably not everything you need. If you are a smartphone devotee, the idea of bringing a laptop may not be appealing, considering that your handheld device can do almost everything. For computer traditionalists, smartphones are just too small. This is why an iPad is a good buy for people looking for a middle ground.

The screen is large enough, larger than what you want if you buy a Pro model. The A9X processor embedded with the M9 coprocessor is a laptop-class CPU. The drawbacks are there, but this being Apple, they have accessories for everything.

Size is Everything (Relatively)

The iPad being big has a lot to do with its capabilities. This is manufacturer talk, but without downsizing the components, like Apple does for the iPhone, you can fit proper parts. All these result in better performance and a more stable life cycle.

The screen real estate is undeniably good, and the touch interface (that you can pair with a physical keyboard) will make for even better experience. Many computer purists will see the transition much easier, and smartphone users will delight that this is still a mobile device.

Repairs at a Minimum

So far, the most serious problems with iPad models are the iOS updates. Some users are complaining about Apple ‘bricking’ their Pro and Mini models, but as for daily issues, there have not been many complaints. With Apple repairers, such as Apple Fix, saying that they can provide replacement parts and quick turnaround times, it will not be a problem dealing with technical problems, if any.

Moreover, support for this format is steady. App developers think of it as a priority; there are no signs that Apple will drop the product line and the list of accessories just keeps growing. Whether as a laptop killer or a smartphone substitute, it is hard not to recommend the iPad.

As always with gadgets, stay on top of your device. With its price, you want to get the most out of your iPad. Use the right accessories, have technical problems repaired and keep it safe.