Love at First Bite: Why You Will Love Indian Food

indian foodLondon is not just famous for its London Eye, classic plays, awesome museums, panoramic views, sporting events and picturesque Royal Parks. For those who have taken a culinary journey here, the country has never failed to make them fall in love with Indian food.

London’s diverse food hub is bustling with gastropubs, Michelin-starred restaurants, food markets and authentic Indian restaurants. A number of studies reveal that the great Indian cuisine is hard to miss. As a matter of fact, it is a £3.2 billion industry in Britain. It seems more and more people favour an unfamiliar plate, especially curry. Researchers explain that it quickly became a huge part of the country’s magnificent culinary heritage. You may be wondering what makes Indian food so special.

Aromatic Dish

Many Britons and tourists today prefer eating Indian food than English breakfast. One of the first things that make it mouth-watering is its intoxicating aromas. According to Bengal Village, one of the best Brick Lane Indian restaurants, the smell of Indian cuisine is unique yet inviting. This is the reason those who will eat it for the first time will surely be surprised with its taste.

With the amazing smell of Indian dishes, some reports indicate that it became one of the UK’s national obsessions – from an occasional, exotic treat to a weekend tradition. The changing taste of people has prompted restaurants to offer one-of-a-kind meals regularly.

Variation in Spices

Another reason to love Indian food is its mix of spices. Whether it is cayenne, turmeric or cumin, spices are important to cooking in Indian dishes. In a detailed analysis of over 2,000 popular recipes, researchers have found that Indian food tastes so different because it does something radical with flavours. Authentic restaurants are doing different from what British people used to eat.

From Biryani, Chicken tikka, Seekh Kebab and Tandoori Lamb Chops, Indian food are notable for its savoury spices. It plays an important role in achieving the right taste, colour and texture.

London may have more authentic Indian restaurants compared to Delhi or Mumbai. Not to mention it boasts traditional cuisines that will change people’s perception with the food.

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