Lower your Energy Bills using Solar Window Film

solar windowUnchecked solar radiation can make your home interiors hot and uncomfortable. This happens when heat energy from the sun’s rays passes through the windowpanes, and this is inevitable even with adequate curtains or shutters. Three things happen in this scenario: the heat can pass through the panes, reflected, or absorbed. Warm interiors occur because heat energy either passes or gets absorbed through the windows.

This usually happens with clear glass panes, as the unprotected glass will absorb heat and transmit it inside. Then your air conditioning has to work much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Consequently, your energy bills will increase.

There are ways around this, but the most popular and easiest is to use special window films. More information below:

Solar Films

Tinting can help reduce this issue, since if the percentage of heat reflected back to the atmosphere is more than the absorption, the interiors will be cooler. You should have solar films installed on all the glass panes to reduce the amount of heat absorbed and transmitted.

Advantages of Solar Films
  • This avoids overworking your air conditioner because it would be easier to cool the home. As a result, this will cut down on power consumption and lower your utility bills in the hot summer months.
  • People who live in sunny or open areas can install films that have more reflective features, such as silver solar films. In fact, one of Australia’s largest window tint contractor, Tint Works, suggests this kind of film for Perth and WA cities.
  • Cooler area residents can opt instead for a neutral colour film. Aside from window films’ obvious advantages, this also increases the home’s aesthetic value as neutral colours can blend well with any décor.
  • Solar heat can damage to electronic goods, upholstery, carpets, curtains, and general interiors. Besides lowering your bills, these films protect the interiors of the house from the harsh sunrays, saving you more money by preventing the untimely replacement of objects in the household.

Solar films are cost-effective investments on protecting your home and its residents from the increasing harshness of the sun’s rays. The cost of interior repair, skin treatment and other maladies resulting from heat are all much higher than a standard window tint home installation.

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