Make Your Accounting Career a Success

AccountantIf you are comfortable with numbers and managing money, you can make a career in accountancy. Accountancy is one of those indispensable courses in business and management that is essential in today’s corporate world.

Accountants are responsible for handling the financial aspects of a business. Without them, people and companies would have a hard time dealing with money matters. For those who would like to follow this career path, here are the steps to take.

Get Qualified

Taking accounting courses in Singapore can help further your career. You could get a qualification as a Singapore Chartered Accountant from the Singapore Accountancy Commission. Institutes like James Cook University Singapore offer courses on accountancy and bookkeeping to help you start your career.

Look for Work

Even while studying for your qualifications, it doesn’t hurt to look for work or apprenticeship. You get the experience and could work as a bookkeeper for small businesses. There are different specialities, but they are divided into two major fields: finance and management. The former is concerned with giving the needed details to the public while the latter is limited to giving information to those inside the company.

Advance Your Education

The next career goal is to qualify for the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA). It’s an organisation recognised by finance companies all over the world. Those who qualify for the ACCA are considered equal to master degree holders. Many companies choose ACCA members as financial analysts and business consultants.

Reach New Career Goals

You don’t have to stop at ACCA. You can still work your way even further up and qualify for the Certified Institute of Management Accountants or CIMA. As a management accountant, you are now ready for the position of Financial Director.

Your career path in accountancy could be a long road, but it will always be filled with opportunity and growth.