Make Your House Beautiful With Glass Balustrade

Home BalustradePeople are more adventurous and do not hesitate to experiment today with various new materials and patterns for their home interiors.

Glass as a material has a timeless elegance about it and evokes a contemporary appeal. Semi frameless glass balustrades are no exceptions.

  • Balustrades

Historically balustrades were made of either wood or some metal. But today both architecture and technology has advanced so much that other materials are being considered for balustrades. While plastic can be a poor choice, glass has turned out be a wonderful and aesthetic option. They are maintenance free and extremely durable too. Both horizontal and vertical sheets of all kinds of glasses are used to create balustrades

  • Glass balustrades

The glass balustrades can be used for balconies, terraces, staircases and even around your swimming pool. Glass does not inhibit your view and can bring on a sense of excitement. Balustrades are created to prevent people from falling off a staircase or balcony. The frameless glass wonders look unsupported, offer protection and gives you a better view of the lower floors. Apart from lending a sense of style, they allow free flow of light.

  • Different kinds of glasses

Frameless balustrades are simple but you can also get ornate and intricate ones to suit your home décor. You can use frosted glass with lovely patterns depending on your choices to add more beauty. Even self designed glasses and colourful stained glasses can be used but these will not allow for visual clarity. It is best to have toughened glass panels for safety. Cap rails can be installed on the glass if the edges are sharp.

As mentioned earlier glass is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a glass cleaner and a piece of rag. Glass balustrades are great if the home is a small one, as it makes it look much more spacious. They are cost effective as they are durable and should actually be seen as an investment.