Make Your House Stand Out this Holiday Season

Holiday Ambiance in Your HouseWhen preparing for the holidays, there’s the dilemma of figuring out how to make your house stand out. The quintessential snowman and festive decorations are already so overused, there’s a risk of looking like the other houses.

Making your house unique isn’t easy, but there are ways to turn a boring and overused decoration into something that’s never been seen before.

Increase the Festiveness with Lights

Christmas lights are a standard decorative piece for any holiday, and when the holly jolly festive season comes, it’s the best way to establish that your household is ready for some holiday cheer. Usually, what homeowners do is just string a bunch of Christmas lights on the roof, maybe decorate the tree with it and call it a day. Did you know, however, that the humble Christmas light can positively affect your mood?

It’s no secret that during the wintry season, there’s a lack of natural light which makes people crave those warm summer days. It isn’t noticeable, but the lack of light affects your mood and even causes mood swings. It’s easy to see why most people experience that old holiday blues when it’s winter.

Christmas lights make you feel alive, and when positioned strategically, it appears that your household’s feeling alive too. The edges of the roof, doors, and windows are ideal areas for your string of lights. It doesn’t just establish that festive feeling, it also makes your house look welcoming.

Choose the color of the lights carefully. When it comes to lights, color is everything. The standard red, green, and yellow combination will work fine as these are warm colors. White, although seemingly a “cold” color as it’s associated with snow, is actually a warm hue. Grab some light-hued decorative lights to add a bit of variety.

It’s All in the Design

Light, décor, and your holiday cheer may be all you need to make your household stand out, but it’s important to have the design in mind when you start decorating. The colorful displays of jolly old Saint Nick riding his sleigh, or bright stars, are a standard, so you might want to do some brainstorming to find an alternate décor. Bells, candy canes, and wreaths are other Christmas imagery you can highlight.

You might even want to look back into ancient festive traditions. Not many people remember the Yule log and its significance, but it used to be as quintessential as a pine tree during Christmas.

Making your house stand out may seem like an impossible feat, but with a little research and some strategic use of lighting, you can make your house a sight for sore eyes.