What Makes an Awesome Asian Dining Experience?

Chinese foodMore and more Australians are falling in love with Asian cooking. Although there is no statistical data that will indicate how much Aussies love oriental food, the abundant number of East Asian / South East Asian restaurants, especially in big cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne show that Australian palates are embracing Asian cuisine.

Restaurants are capitalising on Australia’s changing appetite and are going to great lengths to bring the best of East and South East Asia to the Land Down Under. If you are one of those who crave oriental cuisine, how will you know that you are in for an awesome Asian dining experience?


Eating Chinese food in front of the television feels different from when you are eating in an authentic Chinese restaurant. In addition to delectable items on the menu, it is important to feature a theme or style that will connect diners to the place of origin of their cuisine. The people from Peng You, a Chinese restaurant in Fortitude Valley, believe that taking customers to the past and present China contribute to how much customers enjoy their food.

Food and Beverage

More important than the ambiance are the food and beverage served. The items on the menu must live up to the customers’ expectations and make them feel that what they are eating tastes authentically Asian. Food served to diners must accurately represent the region where it came from. If you are dining in an oriental inspired restaurant, do not expect hamburgers or fizzy drinks on the menu.


No Asian dining experience can be called awesome without excellent customer service. Diners remember how they were served as much as they remember what food they ate. One way Asian inspired restaurants make their service more memorable is by incorporating unique oriental elements, such as greeting customers using the local language, bowing, and dressing up in traditional garbs worn by the people where the cuisine they are serving originated.

There are other things that can make your Asian dining experience awesome other than ambiance, menu, and service. If you walk into an Asian themed restaurant and find these three, expect to have a great time.

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