Making Your Second Marriage Work

Failed MarriageNot all marriages last forever. Some end up in divorce. In fact, according to, almost 50 percent of married American couples end in divorce. But even so, many people from a failed marriage still choose to remarry.

Reasons Why Marriages Fail

There are many reasons why a marriage ends in divorce. It can be due to lack of time and communication problems like in the case of working spouses. Violence and addiction are also notable reasons of divorce. Other causes of failed marriages are expectation problems, family problems, sex problems, and personality problems.

Reasons Why Remarry

If there are no religious conflicts, one can remarry provided divorce has been properly documented. Falling in love is a common reason why some people choose to remarry. Others want to have a partner in life – someone who will also take care of them. Remarrying for financial support is also common in women.

Some Tips Before You Remarry

You cannot just jump into wedding planning. You need to do a few things to make sure your second marriage will not end the same way as your first.

  • To avoid legal issues, make sure that the divorce has been properly documented first. You can get help from your Denver, CO divorce lawyer to check and request for a copy of the divorce certificate.
  • Try to wait for at least a couple of years before remarrying. This not only gives you enough time to get to know each other but also enough time to heal and move on.
  • Consider the kids. Remarriage is more complicated, because, at this time, there are children involved. This is truer if you are seeing someone with kids too. Discuss parenting tactics with your partner and make sure to talk to the kids even before the marriage.
  • Do not marry until you go along well with his or her children and vice versa. This can be problematic and even cause the relationship to fail.

Some people decide to remarry out of love while some for personal intentions. Whatever the reason is, you should try to make it work so that it will not end in divorce again.