Marketing Power Through Labels and Packaging

Product PackagingHave you ever been attracted to a product because of the packaging and labeling? It has to work the same way if you have products to sell as well. Packaging and labeling are integral to your marketing. It is what draws consumers to try your product. With good packaging and labeling, you can increase your chances of closing a sale.

Paste It Labels

There are many ways to package and label your product. You can use cut and stack labels, which are probably the simplest method. The labels are printed on a long roll or sheet. The printed sheets are then cut up to the desired sizes and stacked atop each other. You can then paste each individual label to itself after wrapping it around a product.

Strong Stick Labels

Another way to label your products is to use pressure-sensitive labels. These labels stick to your product’s container using a strong adhesive. The labels can be cut up into different shapes and sizes, unlike cut and stack labels that almost always are rectangular in shape.

Shrink Tight Labels

A third option is shrink sleeve label printing. Shrink sleeves are commonly known as shrink wrap. These are made from a plastic film that contracts when applied with heat, hence the name. You can have your label take the shape of your product container for this.

Font Style

Once you have your label, you can finally enhance your product package and label with a few tips from design experts. You can experiment with typography on your label. The typography can greatly impact the style and feel of your product.

Creative Spaces

Labels can be small, but you can make them into creative spaces. Creative and unique labels may change a consumer’s perspective about your product. They also increase desirability by making your product look more attractive.

Other tips are to use a natural color palette; design using a black and white color combination or patterns, and merge photography with minimalist designs. Your packaging and labeling can only go so far as your imagination and your creativity. You can work with packaging and labeling firms to help you expand your ideas.