Maximising a Small Office Space in 4 Simple Ways

Among the first steps in setting up a workspace is by making office partitions for every cubicle. Once you’ve settled in your new space, your next step is to figure out what items are essential for work and indispensable in your area.


Since cubicle spaces are often limited, you can only take a few items with you. Here are some simple room-expanding tips you can apply to your office space:


Check your desk and eliminate the things you don’t need. If it’s something you reach for every day, it deserves to stay. Personal mementos such as photos and other ornaments should be placed elsewhere. If possible, hang them on the wall or keep them on a shelf.


Reduce your office’s use of paper, as they may occupy unnecessary space when they start piling up. This will decrease the number of storage equipment you need, such as filing cabinets and drawers.


Instead of using a rug on a carpet or hard floor, use a single flooring material wall-to-wall. Placing small rugs makes any space look fragmented. An engineered wood floor or wall-to-wall commercial carpeting are better alternatives. Don’t go for hard floor tiles, as they cause an echo that makes phone conversations inconvenient.