Measuring the Success of SEO

Simply saying that SEO is important for an online business is an understatement. As proof of how highly significant this process is, entrepreneurs have been spending hundreds of dollars in letting their business website be optimised by SEO professionals.

But, what is equally crucial is to monitor its success. This will help you determine if the optimisation efforts for the site have yielded the desired results or not. The best way to monitor SEO Perth is to measure some key things related to it. Here is a look at how you can measure the results of SEO.

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Keyword Effectiveness

One of the primary things that you should focus on when measuring SEO results is the effectiveness of your top keywords. Some aspects that will help you measure keyword effectiveness are the following:

• The traffic volume your site gets
• The user engagement factors such as the time spent on the site and bounce rate
• The number of conversions received
• The search engine ranking of your site


Another thing you must measure is the amount of traffic your site gets. For this, using an SEO analytics program such as Google Analytics is beneficial, as it helps you know how much traffic you receive and where it comes from.

Other Measurement Aspects

A few additional aspects that should help you measure the success of your SEO campaign are:

• Assessment of the page indexing metrics that enables you to know how many of your site’s pages the search engines have recognised
• Keywords vis-à-vis indexing – Not only must you measure the keyword effectiveness, but you should also check how many of your keywords the search engines are using to index pages. Obviously, the more keywords used, the better it is for your site’s ranking.
• Effectiveness of backlinks, as they are the key to making your website more visible online
• Number of conversions received – It is not enough if you draw in a huge volume of traffic. What matters more is how many from that traffic has been actually converted into customers. The higher the conversion rate, the better is the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Monitor the relevant data concerning SEO metrics. Then, measure them and make improvements where needed to fully take advantage of site optimisation.

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