Mitigating Expensive Burial Costs Through Cremation

Man touching urn at funeralPerhaps one of the biggest concerns after a loved one’s death is the cost of funeral services. There are many things to consider, from the funeral and flower arrangements to the final resting place. Does the choice matter when it comes to someone who cannot complain, though?

For many, it feels like they are disrespecting their loved one if they don’t follow the funeral wishes of the deceased. However, sometimes you need to make some changes to make ends meet.

The Charm of Cremation

Cremation¬†in Ogden and in other places is not meant to disrespect the wishes of a deceased person to be buried in their favorite place or beside their loved one. You can still do those things, but if you go for cremation instead of traditional burial, you won’t have to pay for a casket for the body. Caskets can be expensive and you could use that money to pay for the plot of land instead.

Flower Arrangement

Would it matter whether your deceased loved one’s funeral did not use their favorite flower? If they are known for a particular flower, perhaps it is worth it to respect this detail of their funeral. If the choice of flower seemed random and did not hold any significance to them, you can go with something more fitting and seasonal to cut back on costs.


The words written on their grave are usually chosen by the loved ones left behind. If the deceased is known to say a quote quite often, or if they are a huge fan of a particular author, you’ll have your work cut out for you. You can also choose a quote that is relatable or something that describes the person who has died. There are also generic messages and layouts to have engraved on their stone, in case you can’t think of something more personal. Note that the pricing might be different depending on how much you want to put on their epitaph.

Saying goodbye to your loved one is easier with a proper funeral. Think of details that will matter to the deceased, but for those that wouldn’t matter to them, feel free to economize.