Multi-Homed Bandwidth and Carrier-Neutral Data Centers

data centerData center collocation is of great importance, especially when a data center is selected for connection to customers. Collocation for a data center involves two key questions that need to be asked of the collocation provider: is the data center carrier-neutral, and is it multi-homed?

The following points from experts like the Data Center Journal aim to illustrate how reliable collocation can be done through multi-homed bandwidth and carrier-neutral data centers:

Understanding What They Are

A data center that is carrier-neutral allows collocation customers the liberty of purchasing Internet protocol bandwidth and data transport circuits from their provider of choice. Some data centers that are carrier-neutral have provisions involves collocation with customers and third-party carriers. Either way, a facility that is carrier neutral provides customers with enhanced options and more competitive prices that emerge from the existing competition.


Collocation providers that are carrier neutral provide customers with a comprehensive on-net carrier list. The customer consequently orders a bandwidth supplied by the carrier directly. This comes with a nominal fee for cross-connection, and leads to the provision of a fiber or copper patch cord connecting the installations with carrier equipment.

A word of caution, however; you should always ask about the amount of fees payable before signing up for collocation because numerous providers have unnecessarily steep fees. Third party providers of bandwidth also provide collocation customers with extra routing options like MPLS.


When choosing a facility and provider, bear in mind that a network that is multi-homed and with multiple upstream connections is better. This makes this network type more durable and reliable compared to a network that is single-homed.

Single-home networks may be vulnerable to carrier outages and fiber cuts. Multi-homed networks, however, allow collocation customers to get access to alternate paths to hook up with the Net and keep their services accessible and online despite Tier 1 carrier issues.

These are just some of the most important things to remember in data center collocation. Make sure to do intensive research before making any decisions that will affect business.

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